SP Science now offers : 1) TWO new products – A Small Adult (suitable for young teenagers too) and a Child’s Silver Life Face Mask.
2) TWO new colours for the Adult Face Mask.

Size & Fitting Guide

We have now added a number of sizes to our range of Silver Life Face Masks.  These sizes are:

  • Adult
  • Small Adult/Teenager
  • Child

To aid your selection process, we have provided a number of photographs comparing the three sizes and included a useful measuring ruler to aid your decision.  These photographs are shown below.



Adult Mask


Small Adult/Teenager

Small Adult/Teenager Mask


Child Mask


Mask Size Comparrison

Finally, we have also attached a video (“Fitting and Wearing the Silver Life Face Mask”) that shows how to easily fit and adjust the Silver Life Face Mask to suit your own, personal, requirements.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.