SP Science now offers : 1) TWO new products – A Small Adult (suitable for young teenagers too) and a Child’s Silver Life Face Mask.
2) TWO new colours for the Adult Face Mask.

Silver Life Face Coverings

∙ Approved as both biocidal and physical barriers to microbes

∙ Destroys many viruses and helps prevent infection from:
 ∙ COVID-19
 ∙ Common Cold
 ∙ Influenza

∙ Helps prevent respiratory tract infections from microbes

∙ Prevents the inhalation of small particulates often associated with:
 ∙ Air pollution events
 ∙ Hay fever caused by pollen

∙ Available for use by the general public, businesses and the Health and Care sectors

∙ Can be washed 100 times without affecting its function

∙ Recyclable and sustainably produced

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Silver Life Masks' Anti-Microbial Approvals

Stylish, Comfortable and Safe

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As seen in the following publications


Fully compliant with the recommendations of the WHO – the international authority for standardized use of face masks in the current pandemic.


Reusable for up to 100 washes at 40 degrees C and can be hand washed.

3D Knitted Silver-Based Textile

Made entirely of a silver-based textile manufactured by using advanced 3D knitting technology. Silver is a proven, anti-microbial element.


Produced in line with international manufacturing and safety standards.