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Why should we still wear masks?

Zoe Covid Study 23/8/21

Despite the lifting of restrictions and a return to relative normality, there are still tens of thousands of new cases every day, according to our data.

Thankfully, vaccines have successfully weakened the link between the number of cases and hospitalisations and deaths, with fewer people getting seriously ill with COVID-19. 

However, there’s still a risk of becoming infected, even if you’ve been double-jabbed. Although you’re unlikely to become seriously ill, you can still pass the virus on to others who are unvaccinated or less well protected by vaccination, such as cancer patients or transplant recipients. 

Unfortunately, the Delta variant means that transmission is now easier than ever, and even a tiny droplet containing the virus can cause infection. 

As long as it is properly worn, a mask helps to prevent you from breathing in airborne droplets from those around you, reducing the risk of catching the virus. It also helps protect others from whatever you’re breathing out, especially if you’re infected without knowing. 

By cutting infections and transmission, we can protect unvaccinated and vulnerable people, as well as reducing the number of people developing long COVID

COVID-19 transmission is easiest in crowded, indoor areas, which is why we recommend wearing a mask in these situations, even if you have had both of your vaccines. 

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