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Why is mask-wearing now a personal choice

Zoe Covid Study 3/8/21

Masks have been a controversial subject since the start of the pandemic.

Many people have quickly become used to wearing masks in public spaces, particularly medical staff who were already used to wearing them to control the risk of infections before the pandemic. But others find them uncomfortable or difficult to wear, especially for long periods.

As we move closer to normality, the government is encouraging people to exercise their common sense and personal responsibility, rather than enforcing mask-wearing by law.  A recent survey has shown that 95% of us are still wearing masks.

People have also asked whether there’s any point in wearing a mask if everyone around you is unmasked. 

If you are comfortable wearing your mask, we recommend doing so in crowded indoor settings, even if the people around you can’t be convinced to do the same. Even one mask in a group of people can reduce the risk of COVID spreading, protecting yourself and others. 

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