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Pollution Truth:

Pollution control and emissions measurement along with their health effects is a complicated area of science but there have been some recent statements and reports (in fact in the last couple of days) that support my proposition given in our meeting last week.

The main overarching statements from the current Inter-Governmental Committee on Climate Change - IGCC (2022) - and supported by the Secretary General of the UN are:

  • Over 90% of the world’s population lives in polluted air that exceeds existing WHO Health Standards, e.g., NOx, SOx and particulates and well as greenhouse gases such as CO2 and Methane;
  • The use of Hydro-Carbons (that causes airborne pollution and releases greenhouse gases) must decrease by 43% before 2030, otherwise:
    • Global warming will not be restricted below the 1.5oC (AJG: estimated by the scientific community as the tipping point).
  • The world is “running out of road” to avoid climate disaster.

Professor John Barrett (Leeds University and Chair of the 2014 IGCC Report) stated on the BBC in a direct interview held on April 3, 2022 (as a result of the 2022 IGCC Report) that:

  • Global green house gas emissions are now the greatest in all of human history;
  • They have grown by 12% globally in the past ten years;
  • No scientific justification for the ongoing use of fossil fuel
  • The UK is better than some countries but not doing enough to prevent the potential climate change;
  • The UK is good at setting greenhouse gas, pollution and climate change targets but not good at attaining them (!);
  • What is needed is:
    • Stop using fossil fuels for energy (AJG and heat) production;
    • Expansion of renewables;
    • The cost of renewables has dropped substantially in the last 10 years:
      • 85% rerduction in the costs of Solar PV; and
      • 55% reduction in the costs of wind energy.
    • Expansion of energy efficiency measures. 

A report on the BBC News on April 3, 2022 showed that the glaciers in the Peruvian Andes are impregnated with “soot” particles from industrial and urban air pollution.

The majority of the pollutants discussed above are carried on such small particulates (“soot”) and these are filtered out by our Silver Life Face Masks to a level of 3 microns where the majority of pollutant particles exist in the range of 3 – 10 microns.

Respiratory Infection Rate Control:

Professor Adam Finn a member of the Government’s SAGE Committee stated on the BBC on April 2, that:

  • It should be perfectly acceptable for everyone to wear face masks in crowded and public places (AJG – Including the work environment);
  • He has advised his staff to wear face masks both in crowded and public place and in the work environment.

Many scientists do not agree with the government’s current advice on mask wearing and believe it should be compulsory in all “crowded” environments.

The supporting evidence for this last statement is seen in some recent reports:

  • Schools have an overall staff absence rate caused by illness (mainly Covid) of over 23% at the moment.
  • Both Easy Jet and British Airways have cancelled flights (other airlines may be doing the same) over the Easter holiday period due to staff illness (mainly Covid).
    • It may be recalled that the airlines decided mask wearing was no longer compulsory last month, (February 2022)