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WHO urges Britons to keep wearing face masks and physical distancing

WHO urges Britons to keep wearing face masks and physical distancing

Sky News 

While restrictions have and are being eased across the UK, and the tone from politicians is that we might be getting to a stage where we can live with the virus, the message from the World Health Organisation has consistently been more cautious.

Dr David Nabarro, WHO special envoy for COVID, has just been interviewed by Kay Burley and seemed to suggest people should still wear face masks in indoor public settings despite politicians in England and Northern Ireland dropping these rules.

Asked about the fact that a third of reported coronavirus cases have come in 2022 alone, he said: "It is absolutely not a good idea when cases are as high as they are, when the virus is moving as rapidly as it is, for the restrictions that we've all applied so carefully to be dropped.

"Please, continue wearing face masks, continue physical distancing - it's the right thing to do.

"Whatever you hear from other sources, the World Health Organisation asks everyone to maintain the caution because the virus is moving around a lot at the moment. You don't want to give the virus a free ticket right now. There is too much virus around to let go."

Dr Nabarro was also asked about Wales' decision, which we reported here yesterday, to jump ahead of the UK and start offering jabs to over-5s. 

He pointed to another piece of news we reported yesterday - a study which showed vaccination can prevent long COVID.

"My own view is, now we know that vaccines can provide protection against long COVID, there is a growing case for immunising children," said Dr Nabarro. "From my point of view, that is the direction to go in."

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