SP Science now offers : 1) TWO new products – A Small Adult (suitable for young teenagers too) and a Child’s Silver Life Face Mask.
2) TWO new colours for the Adult Face Mask.

UPDATE: The Silver Life Face Mask is now a Type 2 reusable PPE face mask under the CE qualification

Our Silver Life Face Mask uses patented silver-based technology to protect against Covid-19 and fight against PPE plastic pollution

The Silver Life Mask has completed the CE Registration process and is a TYPE 2 Face Mask meaning that it can now be used by hospitals, health authorities, and care homes, as fully validated reusable PPE.

Employers, schools, charities and organisation leaders, as well as hospitals, care homes and health authorities, can protect their staff, pupils, and volunteers with the Silver Life Face Masks - providing ultimate, scientifically proven, sustainable protection.  

The Silver Life Face Covering is reusable for up to 100 washes and is made from 36% recycled material, making it better for the environment than standard issue personal protective equipment masks which are neither reusable or recyclable. Globally, 129 billion face masks are used every month, and more and more of these masks are finding their way into the ocean.

Dr. Alan Green, environmentalist and founder of SP Science Limited (the owner of The Silver Life Face Masks) commented:

“We are delighted with the new CE Classification meaning that we are now fully approved PPE and we are excited about the impact we can make in hospitals, care homes and health authorities, in helping the reduce plastic pollution. Whereas a typical hospital might have used 300 disposable masks per day prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have received reported cases of 10,000 masks being used daily in some hospitals – a thirty-three-fold increase!  We also understand that several hospitals are now considering the purchase of specialist incineration devices (a huge piece of kit with a huge capital cost) for disposal. The use of Silver Life Face Masks could significantly reduce or even remove this type of expenditure."

It has never been more important to use a facemask that guarantees full protection against the Covid-19 virus. In addition, the Silver Life Face Masks are soft and comfortable, meaning that staff who have to wear them for long periods wont experience discomfort.

Silver Life Face Masks meet the following scientific criteria:

  • Meets the World Health Organization’s recommendations for use against the current microbial pandemic;
  • Is CE Qualified as a Type 2 face mask as it has met the following standards:
    • Biocompatibility (ISO 10993-5)
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (ASTM F2101/BS EN 14683:2019
    • Determination of Breathability (Differential Pressure) (BS EN 14683:2019
    • Microbial Cleanness (ISO11737-1:2018
  • Destroys the majority of microbes – all successfully tested;
  • Filters the incoming air and outgoing breath down to 3 microns. This provides an effective filter to particulate air pollutants; new data to PM 2.5 are under review.
  • Provides tested effectiveness against human coronavirus
  • Meets US Environmental Protection Agency standards for disposal – the only silver-based textile that does so;
  • Meets the UK Health & Safety Executive criteria for:
  • Metallic silver (CAS 7440-22-4) as a biocide that is under review by the HSE and, in the meantime, approval has been provided for its use as a biocidal agent, under Article 89 – transitional arrangements for biocidal products; and
  • The primary function of our Silver Life Face Mask (as assessed by HSE) is to kill/control/inhibit the spread of viruses, bacteria etc, and is achieving that function through both the chemical biocidal action and a physical action. Therefore, the Silver Life Face Mask is considered biocidal and not just a physical barrier.
  • The Silver Life Face Mask is protecting the user from fluid/droplets that contain bacteria/viruses.
  • Silver has antimicrobial properties, so will not create a build of the bacteria that causes skin blemishes, also known as ‘maskne’.

Silver Life Face Masks are environmentally friendly:

  • Reusable for up to 100 washes at 40 degrees C and can be hand-washed;
  • Fully effective when wet – unlike the existing PPE/N-95 masks (inc. the FFP2);
  • Made from recycled materials;
  • Fully adjustable in a “one-fits-all” design;
  • Stylish and comfortable to wear;
  • Suitable for all ages;
  • Produced in line with international manufacturing and safety standards;
  • Manufactured with a sculptured design for comfort and long periods of wear. It has a soft feel on the skin and the integrated nose wire helps prevent fogging when wearing glasses.

Dr Alan Green, added:

“Facemasks have become virtually compulsory both here in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world.  Employers need to provide their employees with daily masks to keep them safe. Unfortunately, this has led to the estimate that the UK throws out 53 million face masks per day.  Everyone has witnessed people throwing face masks onto the ground - our supermarket forecourts and entrances are littered with them!”

“The consequence is that face masks are now found in our high streets, rivers, meadows, oceans – almost everywhere.  Of course, we’re already aware of the huge pollution problems from plastic wastes that are literally choking our oceans, as reported by Greenpeace and others, and now coral reefs in the Indian Ocean are also suffering from “face mask pollution” too.”

“Single-use or disposable face masks are made using a variety of plastics, including polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl – which means they can take up to 450 years to break down. Even then, the plastic stays around as tiny microplastics. These microplastics are causing fundamental problems to our world-wide ecosystems and have even been found in the Antarctic and Arctic environments.”

“Our Silver Life Face Masks have been developed by experienced healthcare scientists and have safety, the environment, recycling and manufacturing standards at the core of their design. Sustainability is at the essence of The Silver Life Face Mask as well as its effectiveness in the current and perhaps future airborne microbial pandemics.” 

SP Science Limited helped finalise the product for real-life use and undertakes sole source marketing and sales activity throughout the world. SP Science Limited is a company formed by a group of highly experienced scientists and public healthcare specialists, with long-term experience in the healthcare sector. Their aim is to provide a range of barrier protection products for use by the general public. These are carefully selected for environmentally sustainability and use recycled materials in their core manufacture.

“Since November 2018, we have undertaken a world-wide review of the anti-microbial marketplace” says Alan. “We have now secured the use of ground-breaking, proven international technologies. These technologies provide the protection our customers are seeking in this time of concern about viruses, and infections - and offer an ideal solution to disposable PPE face masks, which are now having a detrimental effect on our environment.”

Silver Life Face Coverings are available through the website https://www.silverlifemasks.com/ where more information can be obtained. The masks are also available for purchase on Amazon, E-Bay and ETSY.

Significant pricing discounts are available for bulk purchases, as well as for specific health and social care usage.  As an indicator only:  We are now offering a price of £3.50 per mask for bulk purchases of 50,000.  Based on recent publications, we understand that the standard blue medical mask  (with only a daily change) is £165 per person per year while a FFP 3 mask is over £1000 per person per year.  Our Silver Life Face Mask would be £1.75 per person per year as it has a two-year life-time!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.