SP Science now offers : 1) TWO new products – A Small Adult (suitable for young teenagers too) and a Child’s Silver Life Face Mask.
2) TWO new colours for the Adult Face Mask.

Facemask business to support local homeless charities this winter

 Facemask business to support local homeless charities this winter

 SP Science, owner of the Silver Life Face Covering, is supporting the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity

 SP Science, based in the North West of England, has pledged to donate £1 from the sale of each of their Silver Life two-pack Face Masks to the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity (charity number: 1180418) in an effort to tackle homelessness during the winter months. In addition, the Company will also be donating masks to homeless charities in their local area to help reduce the spread of Covid across the region’s rough sleeper community. 

Dr Alan Green, environmentalist and founder of SP Science Limited said: “We are delighted to be on board with the Mayor’s Charity. The winter season can be an especially difficult time for rough sleepers, and dealing with Covid has made it even more challenging. As Covid rates are on the increase across the North West of England this winter, it has never been more important to wear a facemask, which guarantees full protection against the Covid-19 virus. We hope that our support can have some impact towards this sadly much needed charitable endeavor!”

SP Science developed their Silver Life Face Covering at the start of the pandemic in conjunction with their manufacturer.  The aim was to create a mask that not only offered full protection but was also more environmentally friendly than standard PPE masks. The Silver Life Face Covering is reusable, it uses 3D knitted technology, and meets the World Health Organization’s recommendations for use against the current microbial pandemic. Just in time for winter, The Silver Life Mask has now completed the CE Registration process, is a TYPE II Face Mask, and is also fully validated reusable PPE. 

 The Silver Life Face Covering uses silver as an integral part of the thread of its fabric.  That silver provides the mask with its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is also reusable for up to 100 washes and is made from 36% recycled material making it better for the environment, than standard issue personal protective equipment masks which are neither reusable nor recyclable. Globally 129 billion face masks are used every month and more and more of these masks are finding their way into the ocean.

Dr Alan Green continued: “Facemasks have become virtually compulsory both here in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world.  Unfortunately, this has led to the estimate that the UK throws out 53 million face masks per day, and everyone has witnessed people throwing face masks onto the ground - our supermarket forecourts and entrances are littered with them!. The consequence is that face masks are now found in our high streets, rivers, meadows, oceans – almost everywhere.  Of course, we’re already aware of the huge pollution problems from plastic wastes that are literally choking our oceans, as reported by Greenpeace and others, and now coral reefs in the Indian Ocean are also suffering from “face mask pollution” too.”

“Single-use or disposable face masks are made using a variety of plastics, including polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl – which means they can take up to 450 years to break down.  Even then, the plastic stays around as tiny microplastics.  These microplastics are causing fundamental problems to our world-wide ecosystems and have even been found in the Antarctic and Arctic environments.”

Visit https://www.silverlifemasks.com/ for more information, and also available for purchase on Amazon, E-Bay and ETSY.